CSHOR Steering Committee Meeting and Science Seminar May 2019

CSHOR Steering Committee Meeting 17 May 2019

The CSHOR Steering Committee held its third annual face-to-face meeting at CSIRO Hobart in May this year. The Committee approved the 2019-20 budget and project plans to the value of AU$4.4m, and also provided the CSHOR Director and research staff with valuable feedback on the various 2018-19 activity reports. The Committee comprises: Dr Susan Avery (WHOI and Chair); Profs Kehou PAN and Gongke TAN (QNLM); and Drs Andreas Schiller and Helen Cleugh (CSIRO).

CSIRO and the CSHOR office hosted the CSHOR Science Seminar on Thursday 16 May. Project leaders provided an overview of this year’s research and presented their plans for next financial year. Over 40 guests attended the seminar. Highlights this year included many high profile journal articles, important international collaboration and the successful deployment of Australian deep Argo floats. Links to the various presentations are found below.

Our guest presenter, Dr Ian Allison, delivered a talk titled, ‘From Indulgence to Global Relevance: a fifty-year journey towards understanding the role of Antarctica in the climate system’. It was a fascinating personal recollection, based on Dr Allison’s own experiences over 50 years, of how Antarctic research has transitioned from a subject of exploration and basic curiosity to one of critical significance for understanding Earth’s climate system, its future changes and their global impacts. Dr Allison’s talk is also provided below.


Director’s Report – cshor science seminar Director May 2019

Dr Allison Part 1 – cshor science seminar Dr Ian Allison part 1 May 2019

Dr Allison Part 2 – cshor science seminar Dr Ian Allison part 2 May 2019

Project 1 – cshor science seminar ENSO-IOD May 2019

Project 2 – cshor science seminar Indo-Pacific interbasin exchange May 2019

Project 3 – cshor science seminar warm pool May 2019

Project 4 – cshor science seminar Southern Ocean water mass formation May 2019

Project 5 – cshor science seminar Southern Ocean Observation May 2019

Project 6 – cshor science seminar sea level change May 2019